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Big bag deloader

Our big bag deloader enables us to efficiently and safely clear the contents of our bigbags into a silotruck or bulk container.

The bigbag is placed onto the platform with a pallet, after which an eletric crane is used to transport the bigbag onto the deloading bunker. Through the unloading-valve of the bigbag (or in case these are not available: by cutting the big bag open on the bottom) the contents of the big bag are transported with a transportation screw to the manhole of the silotruck. Both with the unloading of the big bag as with the filling of the silo-truck, air is been filtered by our air-suction technology. After loading the product into the silotruck, the material can be coverd with a nitrogen blanket. The emptied bigbags can then be pressed in our baler, after which they can be moved for recycling. 

Ontwikkeld door Verolme Development