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For controlled and break-free repackaging from drums we have two repack-lines. For grainlike products we use a semi-automatic drum-tilting installation. This installations fills a hopper of 1,5 M3 from which a spiral conveyer screw the product gets transported upwards. Underneath the exit of the conveyer screw both 2M3 containers as bigbags can be placed. These can be filled according to weight. The dust and air is constantly filtered by a special suction system during the process. For rod-shaped products which are break-sensitive we use a rotating barrel clamp and pouring funnel. This system is also used in a closed environment with air and dust filtering. Underneath the funnel the customer-requested package can be placed. 

We also have the possibilities for reversing this process, from 2Mcontainers to drums in our bin deloader. Next to that we have the possibility of clearing 10-15 M3 open containers where the material can be easily overflowed trough our pouring funnel into drums or big bags. 

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