We deliver hands-on solutions for repacking, storing and transporting new and used catalyst for the purpose of the chemical and petrochemical industry. Also for numerous other granulates, powders and other granular-like products (inert material, molesives, and ceramic balls) we have several storage and transshipment solutions. We are able to deliver barrels, big bags and boxes out of our own stock, fit to the customers request. Next to that, we are able to rent out certified containers of 2 m3. For these and other residual flows we have several possibilities for recycling. We take care of your company's waste.

Company profile

DAZ (in Dutch, in full: Duurzaam Afvalbeheer Zeeland BV) has been around for the last 10 years in the area of waste logistics, collections and processing of (corporate) waste.

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For our activities we are part of the Activities Decree of the local municipality of Terneuzen. Our company is also registered at NIWO on the so-called VIHB listing for transporting, collecting, handling and storing of corporate waste. Our employees have been VCA certified and are used to work according to the procedures which apply in the (petro)chemical industry. DAZ has been certified since 2014 with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. As a company we also have the VCA*2008/5.1 certificate.  

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Looking for information that you are unable to find on our website? Or do you want to know what DAZ can do for your company? Please reach out to us! You can find the contact options here.